“‘Ipps-e-lanti’– what does that even mean?”

For a variety of different reasons (other things I’m spending my money on, I have a day job, I don’t have that much interest in this), I’m not going to be seeing Russell Brand when he is at the Convocation Center tomorrow night. ┬áBut I will say that I enjoyed this video quite a bit. ┬áThe title of the post comes into play about 35 seconds in.

3 responses to ““‘Ipps-e-lanti’– what does that even mean?”

  1. It’s funny, it’s almost like Brand is his character in “Get Him to the Greek” in real life

  2. So, did anyone out there go and see this? There’s a review at annarbor.com:


    It’s positive, but it doesn’t really say anything. Of course, maybe Brand didn’t say much either….

  3. My son went. He said it was awesome, though lightly attended.

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