“Lt. Governor Calley explains how Michigan is still strong”

This article from The Eastern Echo answered two questions I didn’t really know I had:  first, who is the Lieutenant Governor of Michigan?  Second, who is at least one of the commencement speakers?  The answer to the first question is right there in the headline– that’d be Brian Calley.  The answer to the second question (which is buried a bit a couple paragraphs down) is also Brian Calley, at least for the second session in the afternoon.

No offense to Calley, but that’s kind of a boring choice.  Who is speaking in the morning commencement?

3 responses to ““Lt. Governor Calley explains how Michigan is still strong”

  1. If I remember correctly, it’s some cartoonist… Yippee

  2. The morning commencement speaker is nationally known cartoonist Dave Coverly, who writes “Speed Bump,” an insightful and funny strip. Dave is an EMU grad who participated in the Undergraduate Symposium. Should be interesting. There are copies of his books in the Student Center Bookstore. Here is a release on the two speakers’ backgrounds:

  3. If you have to explain how Michigan is strong rather than it being obvious, it’s not.

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