News from the December Board of Regents meeting; EAA “hot garbage;” no smoking soon?

I didn’t have a chance to post about this yesterday, but there was a bit of news out of Tuesday’s Board of Regents meeting:

Speaking of the Education Achievement Authority: a couple of bits of news about all that.  There are several posts about the EAA stuff at the EMU-AAUP web site– presentations from Bunsis and College of Ed faculty member Steve Camron (who seems to be the one leading the good fight against the EAA), petitions, etc., etc.

From WEMU comes “Concerns About EMU’s Link to EAA Grow,” which quotes BOR chair Francine Parker as saying that the administration needs to listen to “the concerns,” though she still voted to approve Schatzel as a member of the EAA board. And from mLive comes the story with one of my favorite headlines, “Education Achievement Authority plan called ‘hot garbage’ by Democrat before passage in Senate.” Here’s the quote about garbage:

Democrats dominated the floor discussion of the bill, with Sen. Coleman Young II (D-Detroit) comparing the revisions to the EAA to the box-office flop “The Lone Ranger” and describing the bill as “hot garbage” and accusing Republicans of abandoning small government and local control.

“Even Tonto knows this bill is garbage. This is nothing more than spilled, expired, stank-nasty milk poured in a new glass,” Young said.

Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer criticized the EAA’s financial record-keeping, proposing that an emergency manager should take over the authority following an audit that Whitmer said revealed a lack of control.

“Isn’t this exactly what the EM law was created for?” Whitmer said, citing the guidelines for the appointment of an emergency manager.

But since Republicans control government in Lansing, this EAA hot garbage is going to continue.

Last but far from least in my opinion comes from mLive “Could Eastern Michigan University be the next Michigan school to ban smoking on campus?” A quote:

The next college in Michigan to go smoke free could be Eastern Michigan University.

A group of EMU students are asking the school’s governing board to prohibit smoking on the Ypsilanti campus.

If the governing board agrees, EMU will be the last college in Washtenaw County and the eighth college in Michigan to ban smoking on campus.

University of Michigan and Washtenaw Community College have already banned smoking on their campuses, and Western Michigan University announced earlier this month that it too was prohibiting the habit.

So it sounds like this could be coming soon, finally.

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  1. Even if EMU goes smoke free, it will be a complete joke if it’s not enforced, which according to the article, there will be no real consequence. The 25′ rule is a complete joke, because it’s not enforced, and if you’ve ever addressed a student and asked to see his/her identification so you could attempt to document it through SCCS, you would most likely be met with, “Who are you?” “I don’t have my ID” “I don’t have to show you shit” or “This is some bullshit anyway” as a response.

    I was recently at the ‘smoke free campus’ of St. Joe’s and saw a man smoking in the parking lot and security guard (which I didn’t know existed) drove right past him. Our police are not going to enforce a smoking ban, because it’s not a law, and our students aren’t going to give a damn if they are violating the policy and there is no recourse except some grumpy old man saying, “Hey, kid, cut that out.”

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